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The Route of Kings

illustration about our next bookWe traveled the Maya World, in part by kayak, on foot and on horse, for over 4 months to connect not only the temples and natural environment, but also to discover what surrounds them: the people and their way of life. From healers to spelunkers, hammock makers to priests, we met and interviewed a wide range of people and tried to understand the broader view of the Maya World as it is today from personal perspectives.

Discover the burnt orange facades of churches and monasteries. Feel the intricately woven patterns of their textiles. Smell the scent of incense as it wafts over you. Hear the haunting lilt of flutes, and taste the richness of a handmade tortilla, fresh off the griddle...

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The Legend of the West

illustration about our next bookThe Discovery of Legends Past and Present

We ask the question: How did it begin and what has happened since? 200 years later, we have created our own Franco-American team to relive this journey across the continent, from the east coast to the Pacific -in canoe, by horse and on foot.

We participated in 6 months of adventure and meetings to explore this great land of the American West, who gave birth to many of these legends, but also to understand America today, with her dreams, her aspirations and her difficulties…

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