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I am Writing to you from Bombay

Words personally scripted on the page, letter-writing evokes a private relation between two individuals, a discussion cloaked in confidentiality, a moment shared across distance.
Letters, symbols, graphic elements, images…through signs and through memorabilia we are instantly transported into the ambience and the climate of somewhere else, as if we are reading the private exchange between two friends that seems to come to us.

This travel book is presented like a scrapbook put together far away: wrinkled paper, matte printing, and bound together in the manner of the sumptuous sewn books of India, the fabric covered books of Africa or the colorful books found in Morocco.

Laurent Granier

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Aux éditions Garde Temps
Ouvrage broché
Format : 20 x 20 cm
48 pages quadri
ISBN : 2-913545-29-7


Released May 2004

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