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To the Source of Massage

In Asia, massage is a therapy that has been practiced from Ancient times. In India, mothers have massaged their babies for centuries. Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Balinese…each type of massage is a reflection of a traditional ancient art that profoundly match precise techniques that have been passed down through the generations. Taoist massage, ayurvedic, shiatsu, Thai massage and the massage of the Balinese all are practiced towards a common goal: to elicit health and well-being.

5 microcapsuled perfumes created especially for this book correspond to the scents utilized in these types of massage. Sandalwood, greent tea, ylang-ylang, musk, bergamot, ginger…the natural oils extracted from aromatic plants distilled, like flowers on the skin, creating scents of well-being.

Un livre de Martine Paillard et Laurent Granier

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Aux éditions Garde Temps
Ouvrage broché
Format : 22 x 22 cm
96 pages quadri
ISBN : 2-913545-28-9


Released October 2004

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