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Photographers, writers and reporters radio, Laurent Granier andPhilippe Lansac guide their voyages to the liking of their reports.

After 3 years of crossing of Eurasia in 4x4 from Paris in Tokyo, theycrossed in 2003 Alaska to horse. A tour of 1600 kilometers of thePacific Ocean to the Arctic Ocean. They accomplish in this moment agreat voyage to Canada at the time of the 400 2nd birthday of thearrival of the first French pioneers.

Laurent and Philippe share their passion of the voyage in the press,with the radio or in books.

Half-Korean and Half-American, Megan met Laurent and Philippe in a hotspot in Seoul, South Korea. After collaborating with them on “Paris-Seoul, on the roads of Eurasia”, she joined them in Alaska to hop on a saddle to cross the state from south to north. She is one of the co-authors of “Alaska, sur les traces des pionniers” (Arthaud, 2004) and works with press in the USA, UK, Canada, South Korea and France. In between two worlds her entire life, her passion for travel may stem from the fact that she is looking for a “home”, either through escapism or a real nose for dynamism…



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Listen to 3 episodes of our Alaska series diffused in « C’est comme à la radio » by Matthieu Vidart...
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